A Carefree Holiday using Credit Cards

The year 2011 will soon come to a close Do you have any plans for year-end holiday? Spend your year-end holiday with family or those you love after a year of hard work and tedious routines. The year end is the right time to enjoy a holiday with your family and certainly the shopping sales and discounts.

Your holiday will be pleasant and memorable if you have planned it well, including the location, plane tickets, a comfortable hotel and all other details. Everything has to be right so that the holiday, besides being pleasant, is a quality one. A holiday is not meant to give you more stress because your savings are totally used up.

A holiday in a foreign destination, such as New York, Berlin, Istanbul, Paris, Milan or even a domestic one, to Yogyakarta, Bali, Manado and so forth surely costs a lot for accommodation, shopping, souvenirs and so forth. It will certainly be inconvenient to bring a large amount of cash. Besides it not being safe it is also inconvenient to get foreign currency for your rupiah. In this type of situation a credit card is the solution for easy transactions wherever you decide to take your holiday.

In todays modem era this plastic money* is a must However, some people still think that a credit card will make you overspend or be encouraged to be extravagant and get entangled in loans. This assumption is incorrect, because even without a credit card, if you cannot control yourspending you will have large amounts of loans anyway. The main function of a credit card, on the other hand, is convenience in transactions. In fact, if you are a wise user a credit card provides a number of benefits (1) It is practical and safe, because you dont have to carry much cash with you and it can be used for various urgent needs, (2) it can be used for payments at numerous outlets, (3) there is a grace period without interest as long as you pay your bill in full, (4) it can be used to pay your telephone, electricity, Cable TV bills and so on, (5) there are additional facilities for card holder such as promotional programs, reward points and so forth.

A credit card also gives you a certain amount of freedom to organize your finances, because you get a flexible payment time. You dont have to worry that purchases using a credit card are more expensive than using cash, because one of the functions of a credit card is as a payment instrument, which means you delay the payment until the due date accordingto the billing. Besides avoiding the inconvenience of carrying a lot of cash, a credit card also offers various promotional programs and reward points.

Now which is the right credit card for your holiday? Many credit cards are offered by a number of banks, but you can choose the one from the bank you trust most. Choose a credit card with a wide network and that is widely acceptable, such as a MasterCard credit card. MasterCard has the MasterCard International network that is used by almost all banks in the world and has a larger number of merchants.

Among the transactional conveniences and benefits offered by a credit card are as follows:
Cheaper holiday package with travel insurance
You choose the destination, pay using your credit card and then the bank will take care of the rest Enjoy the best and most convenient travel facilities on your holiday.
In addition, many among the is-suing banks offer insurance and accident coverage that you automatically get when you buy a ticket using your credit card.

Online purchase of plane ticket and hotel booking

You dont have to pay the ticket counter or travel agent in cash. Sometimes a credit card also offers a special program, such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free Ticket

Great Privileges

Using your credit card you can enjoy great privileges and attractive discounts at selected places in Indonesia and abroad, such as at hotels, restaurants, cafes, spas as well as malls.

Can be used abroad for shopping or for cash advance
Enjoy the cash advance facility using your credit card at a fixed interest rate and you can choose the installment period as per your payment capacity.

Free Airport Lounge
Another benefit is an exclusive lounge at the airports of the worlds major cities by showing your credit card and there are hundreds of such VIP airport lounges in numerous countries in the world. Whatever your airline or ticket class as a credit card holder you have the right to enjoy all the benefits available at the airport lounge.

Reward Points for each transaction
You get reward points even rime you use your credit card for a transaction. The reward points can be exchanged with various attractive giveaways. Now you dont have to be in doubt about using a credit card for your holiday. As long as you are prudent and regularly pay the bill there are so many benefits, conveniences and privileges offered by a credit card. Make the most of all these benefits so that your holiday is carefree and enjoyable.

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