I see the lunar but i can’t see the light. When I see the dark, i belief i can pass all thing, and standing here. But something that I learned, small covered all the big thing. Life not just a faith, but laughing and relationship.

“I can’t be a writer” said my teacher!! Yeah, I know. I can sell anything, but I don’t like…”

My passion is all about writing. My main interest is all about writing. So, now on I chose Journalist  as my job. Writing and reading are something that I enjoyed since I wake up in the morning and till the end of the days. I like You, and I like to meet interesting people. Talk and share anything with You ‘n they. And then I record anything in creature of article. So, I’ll get my ‘orgasme’. The Interviewer ! I already interview great, controversial, and interesting people, for me, such as: Maria Ozawa, Djonnie Rahmat, Tio Pakusadewo (Acteur), Grace Nathalie (News Anchor-TvOne), Natalia Baccino (Miss reef International), Korinna Bliss (TDJ), Edwin Rahardjo (Edwin’s Gallery), etc.

I know, sometimes, I never want to be trapped in my self-created box. So someday  I want to be a Writerpreneur. Writing books, scenario, novel, etc. I also enjoy photography, traveling, and something like social worker. Bref, I just want to make something to share… That’s all.

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